Publication: "Raxen Special Report 2018"

  • Raxen Special Report 2018
    • Synopsis

      The 2018 Special Raxen Report warns that there is a global increase in the acts of intolerance and hate speech; a phenomenon that the authors have agreed to call "globalization of intolerance," which, they warn, is normalizing identity hatred.

      In regards to Spain, the study also points to a radicalization of positions in the public sphere that feeds identity hatred in an international context favorable to its expansion. The monitoring embodied in the report estimates around 4,000 incidents or attacks related to hate crimes during the year 2018 and indicates the proliferation and implementation of racist and xenophobic groups in all Autonomous Communities. It also highlights that up to 1,000 Internet sites offering xenophobic and intolerance content have been located and calculates more than 10,000 people of ultra and neo-Nazi ideology in Spain.

      The 2018 Special Raxen Report begins with a review of international action against racism, xenophobia and intolerance and various institutional actions both in Spain and internationally. The following is a detailed analysis of the different manifestations of intolerance that are occurring in Spain and other countries, followed by a nationwide monitoring of racist, xenophobic and intolerance incidents.

    • Themes

      Public Administrations, Hate crimes, Discrimination, Gender / sexual orientation, Gypsies, Immigration, Justice, Legislation, Racism / xenophobia, Religion and beliefs

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    • Authors

      Movimiento contra la Intolerancia 

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      Raxen Special Report 2018

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