Publication: "Voces de inmigrantes"

  • Voces de inmigrantes
    • Synopsis
      The objective of this study is to show a reflection of the experience of being an immigrant in Spain, through the opinions and feelings of the actors themselves, before and during the economic crisis. Their problems and hopes, dreams, successes and failures are examined, as well as their subjective perceptions of racism and discrimination but also the experiences of solidarity they have found in our country.
      In short, the vital tone used in the times of the "Spanish dream" (from 1997 to 2007) and in the economic crisis is compared. The study shows the positive or negative evaluation they make of the immigration process for immigrants and their children and the intention to stay in Spain or return to their countries of origin.
    • Themes

      Data and Statistics, Discrimination, Employment, Immigration, Integration, Racism / xenophobia, Sensitization

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      Voces de inmigrantes

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