Publication: "Brechas"

  • Brechas
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      The Brechas study, funded by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, reflects the impact of the three digital gaps on the foreign population (access, use and exploitation) and proposes solutions to reduce these difficulties.

      Among the main reasons for the existence of these gaps are the price of the internet connection service and the increase of fake news with xenophobic and racist content. These cause migrants and refugees to feel excluded from the digital world and in the end they do not use these tools out of fear of the attacks they may receive.

      The solutions are to keep in mind the possibilities offered by new technologies in the process of integration of migrants, reducing the prices of services, equipment and workshops of digital skills, and working in the medium and long term to raise awareness about digital gaps and the severity of discriminatory expressions.

    • Themes

      Discrimination, Racism / xenophobia, Sensitization

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