Publication: "Guide on Intersectional discrimination. Roma Women"

  • Guide on Intersectional discrimination. Roma Women
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      This guide, published by the Fundación del Secretariado Gitano, a Spanish Roma association, presents information collected in working meetings with Roma women and falls within the “Identification, awareness raising and denouncement of multiple discrimination” project.

      Also participating in this guide was the Roma Women’s Group, an advisory body of the Fundación del Secretariado Gitano made up of Roma women who are professionals in gender equality specific to Roma women.
      Incorporating the gender perspective in combating discrimination against Roma women is a must because Roma women are in a different predicament both relative to Roma men and to non-Roma women, making them particularly vulnerable. Rather than being the sum of two types of discrimination, this is known as inter-sectorial discrimination.

      In the light of this situation, this document aims raise awareness of the concept intersectional discrimination from both a legal and a gender standpoint required to understand the phenomenon.

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      Data and Statistics, Discrimination, Gender / sexual orientation, Gypsies, Legislation

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      Guide on Intersectional discrimination. Roma Women

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