Publication: "Hate Crime Laws A Practical Guide"

  • Hate Crime Laws A Practical Guide
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      This Guide, published by the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODHIR), was prepared to serve as a practical tool for enacting effective legislation against hate crime in the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)’s region’s different legal systems.

      With the translation of this as well as two other ODHIR guides, "Prosecuting Hate Crimes. A Practical Guide" and "Hate crime data collection and monitoring. A Practical Guide", also published in Spanish by the Secretariat General for Immigration and Emigration, the aim is to contribute to combating hate crimes from the standpoint of several different social players.

      Part I of the guide includes a definition of hate crimes, discusses their special characteristics, and delves into the special traits that enable these crimes to be distinguished from conventional crimes. It also puts forward both the practical and theoretical reasons for enacting legislation on hate crimes.

      Part II analyses how legislation on hate crimes is drafted and describes the various legislative options’ consequences by citing examples from the OSCE region. Lastly, part III contains five sections on ODHIR tools to support States and civil society in combating hate crimes, discrimination and intolerance. It also offers three sections including documentary references with OSCE data and reports, international and regional tools and a bibliography.

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      Public Administrations, Hate crimes, Discrimination, Legislation

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      Hate Crime Laws A Practical Guide

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