Publication: "Guidebook on European right to access to justice"

  • Guidebook on European right to access to justice
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      The European Fundamental Rights Agency, known by its acronym FRA, recently presented the Guidebook on the European right to access to justice, including a version in Spanish.

      Access to justice is a pillar underpinning the rule of law. Not only is it a right in and of itself, it is also a fundamental tool for training and empowerment so that other rights can be realised. It enables individuals to protect themselves against the violations of their rights, be it by other individuals or by governments, and enables them to defend their legitimate rights and interests in legal proceedings. This guidebook sums up the main European legal principles involved in access to justice, focusing on civil and criminal law.

      This new FRA publication aims to raise awareness on the legislation set forth by the European Union and the Council of Europe, particularly through case law issued by the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. The guidebook was conceived to serve as a practical guide for lawyers, judges and other legal professionals involved in litigation in the European Union and in Council of Europe member States as well as for those working for non-governmental organisations and other entities in the field of justice.

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      Justice, Legislation, Sensitization

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      Guidebook on European right to access to justice

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