Publication: "Handbook for diversity management in professional environments"

  • Handbook for diversity management in professional environments
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      This handbook is a product of the so-called GESDI project (diversity management in the workforce). Its objective is to attain equal treatment and promote diversity management in the workforce and further a positive image of immigrants and ethnic minorities’ integration in business and professional environments.

      The project is broken down into four specific objectives: to engage directly with professional environments already working or interested in working on diversity management; to identify successful cases both in Spain and abroad; to generate tools to support organisations enabling the situation to be analysed; and to communicate and to disseminate experience.

      The handbook is comprised of a project introduction and presentation, a conceptual definition of the term diversity management, the conceptualization and legal groundwork underpinning equal treatment and non-discrimination, a general overview of diversity management in businesses, guidelines on the importance of communication in this field; a presentation of the methodology and tools used in the GESDI project, an assessment of the experience held by various organisations, a selection of successful cases, conclusions and recommendations, and an appendix compiling a European overview of diversity management.


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      Diversity Management, Employment

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      Handbook for diversity management in professional environments

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