Publication: "Prosecuting hate crimes. A practical guide."

  • Prosecuting hate crimes. A practical guide.
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      The publication of "Hate crime data collection and monitoring. A Practical Guide" completes the translation into Spanish of the three guides put out by the Organisation of Cooperation and Security in Europe (OSCE)’s Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODHIR). The other two practical guides translated were "Hate Crime Laws" and "Prosecuting hate crimes".

      The guide describes how governments can use data to develop coordinated action and strategies as a response to hate crimes. It also recognises the valuable role played by civil society in gathering data on hate crimes.

      The publication is divided into three sections. The first describes the keys to elaborating a system to gather data with congruous definitions to help organise information into categories. The second focuses on evaluating the legal systems’ response to hate crimes and describes the data that must be gathered in each phase and how it must be used. The third chapter deals with surveys on victimisation and how political decision-makers can interpret them in order to better understand the dimension of these crimes and the needs of victims.

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      Hate crimes, Legislation

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      Prosecuting hate crimes. A practical guide.

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