Publication: "Discrimination and the Roma community - 2012"

  • Discrimination and the Roma community - 2012
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      Through this report, the Fundación Secretariado Gitano, a Spanish Roma association aims to bring to light the discrimination suffered by the Roma community for both the government and for society at large. One hundred forty eight cases of discrimination against Roma during the year 2012 are described.
      The report provides an in-depth analysis of several areas including the judiciary and the media. It also exposes positive action and achievements made by various institutions over this same period.  The upsurge of discrimination against the Roma community over the last few years is described as potentially tied to the economic and social situation. Lastly, the report contains an annex covering legislation currently in force.

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      Discrimination, Gypsies, Data and Statistics

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      Discrimination and the Roma community - 2012

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