Publication: "Portrayal of immigration in the news in Spain - 2008"

  • Portrayal of immigration in the news in Spain - 2008
    • Synopsis

      This study is conducted annually and evaluates how the media portray immigration.

      The research conducted is translated into broad conclusions revealed in the first part of the report, which describes the ethnocentricity of news and biased portrayals of immigrants whose nationality is mentioned instead of their individual identity. While immigrants’ arrivals are reported, their departures are not.

      After this introduction, the report is divided into several parts. The first discusses indicators from a quantitative perspective (presence in the news, general issues and specific issues). Another section discusses indicators from a qualitative perspective (immigration as a source of news, gender, terms used for immigration, image, work environments and routines). Another section discusses salient cases while a fifth section contains comparative analysis and the final section concludes with a description of the research methodology and the research team.

    • Themes

      Immigration, Media, Data and Statistics

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    • Authors
      • Secretaria General de Inmigración y Emigración
      • Observatorio Español del Racismo y la Xenofobia
      • Observatorio y Grupo de Investigación de Migración y Comunicación (UAB).
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      Portrayal of immigration in the news in Spain - 2008

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