Publication: "The Muslim Immigrant Community in Spain - 2008 Opinion Poll"

  • The Muslim Immigrant Community in Spain - 2008 Opinion Poll
    • Synopsis

      This report discusses the results of the survey conducted among the population of Muslim origin in Spain based on surveys conducted in 2006 and 2007. The survey sample was chosen in proportion to the total number of immigrants from the various countries.

      Its introduction describing the how the research was conducted is followed by a second section describing where these immigrants are from and how long they have been in Spain. A third section measures their degree of integration while a fourth section includes a snapshot and evaluation of Spain and its institutions. A fifth section addresses their personal religiousness, and a sixth measures their perception of Spaniards’ attitudes towards their religion. The report also includes the perceived comparison between Muslim and Western countries, an analysis of the compatibility between different religious and social values, a section on social, demographic and general labour market characteristics, and a final section with conclusions.

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      Religion and beliefs, Data and Statistics

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      • Plan Nacional para la Alianza de Civilizaciones.
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      The Muslim Immigrant Community in Spain - 2008 Opinion Poll

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