Publication: "Evolution of racism and xenophobia in Spain (2008 Report)"

  • Evolution of racism and xenophobia in Spain (2008 Report)
    • Synopsis

      This report is based on the results obtained from the ‘Attitudes towards immigration’ survey conducted in 2007 by Spain’s Sociological Research Centre (CIS).

      Being aware of Spaniards’ perceptions of immigration is essential in order to implement public policies and strategies to prevent and combat racism and xenophobia.

      The survey was conducted in the run-up to general parliamentary elections in Spain, spotlighting immigration in political debate against a backdrop of xenophobia in Europe.

      The report reveals how important both the media and political discourse are in constructing an image of immigrants.

      The report is divided into three major sections. The first chapter presents how Spaniards’ receptiveness to immigration has evolved, the second discusses capabilities for integration, discrimination and equal rights and acceptance or rejection of cultural diversity, and the third chapter reveals what underlies Spaniards’ acceptance or rejection of immigrants. Finally the report provides an analysis and final summary of how racism and xenophobia have evolved in Spain

    • Themes

      Racism / xenophobia, Intolerance, Data and Statistics

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    • Authors
      • Mª Ángeles Cea D´Ancona
      • Miguel S. Valles Martínez
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      Evolution of racism and xenophobia in Spain (2008 Report)

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