Publication: "Spaniards and Islam"

  • Spaniards and Islam
    • Synopsis

      In this document Spaniards’ opinions and attitudes towards Islam are gleaned from data published by the Real Instituto Elcano (think tank) barometer. According to Javier Noya, it would not be correct to state that Spaniards reject Islam. There is no Islamophobia per se in Spain. When certain elements of Islam are criticised, the criticism is not specific, but rather motivated by increasing secularism in Spanish society that also leads it to criticise certain public manifestations of Catholicism. Undoubtedly, Spain’s drift towards secularism is the underlying factor that must be taken into account when analysing these attitudes.

    • Themes

      Religion and beliefs, Discrimination

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    • Authors
      • Javier Noya. Real Instituto Elcano.
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      Spaniards and Islam

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