Publication: "Diversity Management Handbook"

  • Diversity Management Handbook
    • Synopsis

      This handbook is geared towards companies in European Union member States and Turkey. Diversity management remains new in the Union, meaning that tools must be generated to provide key ideas to various actors in society with a view to properly managing diversity.

      The handbook is divided into three sections. The first provides background on the term diversity management and presents this discipline’s benefits. The second section presents various applications of diversity management across the globe and presents case studies of best practice and examples of designs for in-house diversity management workshops. The third and last section provides complementary information.

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    • Authors
      • Marion Keil
      • Badrudin Amershi
      • Stephen Holmes
      • Hans Jablonski
      • Erika Lüthi
      • Kazuma Matoba
      • Angelika Plett
      • Kailash von Unruh
      • Sociedad Internacional para la Gestión de la Diversidad
      • Comisión Europea
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      Diversity Management Handbook

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