Publication: "2007 National Immigrant Survey (ENI) Report"

  • 2007 National Immigrant Survey (ENI) Report
    • Synopsis

      This report is the result of the National Immigrant Survey. It reveals and analyses the survey data.

      It is divided into an introductory chapter providing a historical background of immigration in Spain, a discussion of the National Immigrant Survey methodology and the methodology used in the report itself. In the second chapter the social, demographic and family characteristics of immigrants are presented. The third chapter narrates the conditions in which immigrants depart their countries and enter Spain. The fourth discusses housing and residential mobility. The fifth chapter provides an evaluation of immigrants and jobs, the sixth chapter analyses relations with others from the immigrant’s home country and with Spanish society, and the seventh and last chapter summarises the main conclusions reached through the survey.

    • Themes

      Immigration, Data and Statistics

    • Year


    • Authors
      • David-Sven Reher
      • Luís Cortés Alcalá
      • Fernando González Quiñones
      • Miguel Requena
      • María Isabel Sánchez Domínguez
      • Alberto Sanz Gimeno
      • Mikolaj Stanek
      • Universidad Complutense
      • UNED
      • GEPS
      • INE
      • Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigración
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      2007 National Immigrant Survey (ENI) Report

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