Publication: "Spaniards opinion on racism and xenophobia - 2007"

  • Spaniards opinion on racism and xenophobia - 2007
    • Synopsis

      This report compiles the results of the study on “Spaniard’s opinions on racism and xenophobia”. Together with those from previous years, this study patently reveals that biologically based racism is yielding to a more cultural type of racism in which the ‘culture’ of others is perceived as inferior to and incompatible with one’s own.

      The report is divided into a presentation of the project and the survey design, a discussion of the main findings, a presentation of typologies of racist and xenophobic attitudes, and a series of annexes with information of interest related to the research.

    • Themes

      Racism / xenophobia, Data and Statistics

    • Year


    • Authors
      • Manuel Pérez Yruela
      • Thierry Desrues
      • Observatorio Español del Racismo y la Xenofobia
      • Instituto de Estudios Sociales Avanzados de Andalucía
      • Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
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      Spaniards opinion on racism and xenophobia - 2007

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