Publication: "Spaniards’ opinions on racism and xenophobia - 2005"

  • Spaniards’ opinions on racism and xenophobia - 2005
    • Synopsis

      This study reveals Spanish society’s overall rejection of racism and xenophobia. It denounces nevertheless that attitudes of intolerance still endure. While the disappearance of biological racism can be considered a hard fact, new covert, refined forms of racism have emerged.

      In Europe, racism is tied to notions of nation, land and citizenship. It could be said that racism in Europe is more tied to xenophobia than in the United States. Job immigration comes with the stigmatising of foreign workers, and in times of crisis there is more xenophobia.

      In short, new racism has shifted the emphasis from biological to cultural differences.

      The report is divided into an introduction, a second section with a design of a questionnaire, a third section presenting the results, a fourth section providing a synopsis of the results, a fifth section discussing social, economic and cultural dimensions of the issue, and a sixth section with annexes.

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      Racism / xenophobia, Intolerance, Data and Statistics

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      • Oberaxe - Observatorio Español del racismo y la Xenofobia.
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      Spaniards’ opinions on racism and xenophobia - 2005

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