Publication: "Report on hate crimes committed in Spain in 2013"

  • Report on hate crimes committed in Spain in 2013
    • Synopsis

      This Ministry of the Interior report, providing data on incidents related to hate crimes, comes in response to international bodies’ requests for data-collection. Because hate crimes are not defined as such by the Spanish criminal code, for the purposes of this report, what is counted is punishable actions perpetrated against another person due to that person’s ethnicity, race, religion or religious practice, disability, orientation or sexual identity, or situation of poverty or social exclusion.
      The report contains an initial introduction, a second section describing its statistical methodology, a presentation of a snapshot of Spanish society, a description of incidents related to hate crimes committed due to discrimination based on the victim’s sexual orientation or identity, for racist motives, against persons with functional diversity, or due to their religious beliefs, to aporophobia, or to antisemitism. It ends with a presentation of its conclusions.

    • Themes

      Racism / xenophobia, Discrimination, Hate crimes, Data and Statistics

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      • Secretaria de Estado de Seguridad.
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      Report on hate crimes committed in Spain in 2013

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