Publication: "Migrations and religious pluralism: elements for debate"

  • Migrations and religious pluralism: elements for debate
    • Synopsis

      The religious factor in immigrants’ construction of their identity was only included in political agendas, and particularly local agendas once its importance was observed.

      By studying the religious factor in migration, the plurality of migratory flows can be observed as well as the changes in society that becomes plural in terms of religion.

      This document begins with an analysis of plural societies in terms of religion and later goes on to lend thought to religion in a non-religious way. In the following section, the author presents debates about religious pluralism and analyses religious plurality in the public space. Subsequently, the author presents multiculturalism’s secularising simplifications, and another separate section relates the diversification of religion in Catalonia, including a presentation of the link between religion and immigration. Examples from European Islamism are presented as well as exposure to secularity as an approach to be explored by society. Lastly the author presents conclusions.

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      Immigration, Religion and beliefs, Data and Statistics

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      • Jordi Moreras. Fundació Cidob.
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      Migrations and religious pluralism: elements for debate

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