Publication: "Evolution of Racism and Xenophobia in Spain (2010 Report)"

  • Evolution of Racism and Xenophobia in Spain (2010 Report)
    • Synopsis

      This report is based on results obtained from a survey conducted by Spain’s Sociological Research Centre (CIS) in 2009 under the title ‘Attitudes towards immigration’.

      Being aware of Spaniards’ perception of immigrants is a must in order to implement public policy and strategies to prevent and combat racism and xenophobia.

      On this occasion, the economic downturn has played a crucial role in the rise of racist and xenophobic movements and their discourse.

      The report is divided into three sections. The first describes the presence of immigrants and immigration policy, the second analyses immigrants’ social integration, and the third reveals what lies behind immigration.

    • Themes

      Racism / xenophobia, Immigration, Data and Statistics

    • Year


    • Authors
      • Mª Ángeles Cea D´Ancona
      • Miguel S. Valles Martínez
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      Evolution of Racism and Xenophobia in Spain (2010 Report)

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