Publication: "Multiple discrimination: an old reality and a new concept"

  • Multiple discrimination: an old reality and a new concept
    • Synopsis

      This article aims to help familiarise readers with the concept of multiple discrimination, traditionally used in sociology yet only recently in politics. While ostensibly easily understood, the concept is hard to define. Both in international and national law, multiple discrimination is seldom addressed. Each type of discrimination is combated separately, in isolation, when actually it has been proved that people suffer from more than one type of discrimination at the same time. The focus has shifted, particularly since the term multiple discrimination was expressly recognised by the United Nations Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.

      The article begins with an introduction explaining multiple discrimination, how the concept was arrived at and evolved. It then continues with a classification of different types of multiple discrimination, an analysis of the concept’s meaning and scope, and a discussion of a specific case, a judgement handed down by Spain’s constitutional court regarding a Roma woman.

    • Themes

      Discrimination, Racism / xenophobia, Gender / sexual orientation, Gypsies

    • Authors
      • Fernando Rey Martínez
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      Multiple discrimination: an old reality and a new concept

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