Publication: "Manual on integration for policy-makers and professionals"

  • Manual on integration for policy-makers and professionals
    • Synopsis

      This manual combines various best practices and teachings based on the experiences of policy-makers and professionals from around Europe where the institutions hold the responsibility for working for all persons’ well-being. Furthermore, the participation of all citizens, immigrants and non-immigrants alike, is necessary.

      The text is divided into a forward and an introduction, a first chapter presenting the exchanges of information and best practice in Europe; a second chapter analysing the media’s role in integration; a discussion of awareness-raising and capacity building for immigrants; a substantiation of the creation of platforms for dialogue; an analysis of obtaining citizenship and actively exercising one’s rights as a citizen; and a discussion of the relationship between young immigrants, education and the labour market.

    • Themes

      Integration, Immigration, Sensitization

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    • Authors
      • Dirección General de Justicia, Libertad y Seguridad (Comisión Europea).
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      Manual on integration for policy-makers and professionals

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