Publication: "A study of Latin gangs in Madrid"

  • A study of Latin gangs in Madrid
    • Synopsis

      This research aims to analyse Latin gangs in Madrid and provides background on various youth groups in the capital in an attempt to ascertain why these gangs have arisen and how they operate. The study also examines their dynamics and internal workings. The research focused on the districts of Carabanchel and Villaverde.

      The study is divided into a presentation, an initial chapter discussing the degree of knowledge of this issue, a presentation of the methodology used, a presentation of the standard typologies to describe the youth groups, a discussion of the gangs and other youth groups in their neighbourhood environments, a presentation of field observations, and an explanation Latin gangs existence and meaning in Madrid.

    • Themes

      Data and Statistics, Intolerance

    • Year


    • Authors
      • Rosa Aparicio
      • Andrés Tornos
      • Instituto Universitario de Estudios sobre Migraciones (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas)
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      A study of Latin gangs in Madrid

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