Equal treatment of EU workers


Welcome to the website of the body responsible for the promotion, analysis, supervision and support in the field of equal treatment of Union workers and members of their families, without discrimination on the grounds of nationality or restrictions and unjustified obstacles to their right to free movement.

Here you will find information on all aspects related to the free movement of workers in Spain.

The free movement of workers is a fundamental freedom of the citizens of the Union and one of the pillars of the Union's internal market, enshrined in Article 45 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

However, the effective exercise of the freedom of movement of workers sometimes represents a great challenge, and many Union workers are not fully aware of their rights of free movement or face obstacles to its exercise.

In order to remedy these obstacles, the States have committed themselves to providing information on the free movement of workers (citizens of the Union) in each country.

The content of this website is merely informative and is not legally binding.