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UK frontier workers in Spain

UK frontier workers in Spain

Information about UK frontier workers in Spain before 31 December 2020

The Withdrawal Agreement ensures that those who benefit from it maintain their same legal status once the transitional period is over. Therefore, those who have exercised their right to reside or work in accordance with Union law before 31 December 2020 and who continue to do so thereafter will have exactly the same rights as they had been enjoying, and will also be subject to the same restrictions and limitations.

This includes frontier workers, meaning a United Kingdom national who has exercised an economic activity, in accordance with Article 45 or 49 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, as a frontier worker in Spain before the end of the transitional period andremains, after its end, being a non-resident.

The procedure for issuing the frontier worker certificate on the basis of the Withdrawal Agreement has been operational since 1 January 2021 (see the Joint Instruction of the Directorate General of Migration and the Directorate General of Police determining the procedure for issuing the document provided for in Article 26 of the Withdrawal Agreement).

On that basis, the frontier worker may apply for a document attesting his status as a beneficiary of the Withdrawal Agreement.

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