I'm british: Do I need to take any action now?

Relevant information for British nationals in Spain

Obtaining the registration certificate

Until the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union takes place you will remain a citizen of the European Union and as such, if you wish to reside more than three months in Spain, you must register in the Central Register of Foreigners. This procedure will allow you to obtain a registration certificate that will be very useful after the withdrawal of the United Kingdom.

For this, you must obtain an appointment for the “EU Certificates” procedure at the Police Stations in your province. NOTE: not all Police Stations have appointments available to carry out this procedure before the aforementioned date.

In the event that you are unable to obtain such certificate before the date of withdrawal, you may access the new procedure established for this purpose through the procedure for documentation of nationals of the United Kingdom provided that you can prove, among other things, that you were resident in Spain on the date of withdrawal (for example, through your registration certificate).

In order to apply, you must go to the Aliens Office of the province where you intend to reside or to the corresponding police station. The address, telephone numbers and opening hours of the Aliens Office can be found on the website: Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function - Aliens in Government Delegations.

For more information about this procedure as well as the documentation you must provide visit

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